Youtube is the Best Place to Start a Video Blog

all the sites in your list. For starters, I insist that you ignore the most popular sites with high domain authority. First, focus on blogs that are less familiar to you, as there are more opportunities to gain approval for guest blogging on these sites. Later, after submitting a reasonable number of guest posts, you can target more popular sites. For a moment, if your blog’s DA is around 30, then I suggest you target sites that have a DA around 40. Initially, you can motivate yourself by targeting sites most likely to accept your guest post request. Alexa Rank – Alexa ranking can give you an understanding of the traffic flow of a particular domain.

Unlike DA, here the standardization

differs. Lower the Alexa ranking, increase the traffic the site receives. For a moment, the site with an Alexa score below 1000 will have more traffic than a site with Design Directors Managers Email Lists an Alexa score of 10000. PBN- It is a kind of blogging network run by a single owner or a group of people. Basically, these blogs are created intentionally. Being fully active, these PBNs can enhance other business sites of the same owner. It comes under the black hat technique. Since a single person owns these blogs only to boost a earning site. And PBNs are used to game search engine results with manipulations. Probably, these PBN sites will have (almost) identical duplicate hosting, themes, website design, backlink profile, site ownership

and content. If you suspect such PBN

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

blogs, you should ignore these sites from the start. These are the various factors on which you can choose the real blogs on which you can submit a guest post. But I didn’t mean that these are the “PERFECT” sites to feature. Additionally, you will need to optimize your list to filter out interesting sites that can make your guest blogging campaign the most beneficial. I am going to walk you through some tricks with which you can search the sorted sites and stick to the best sites for the pitch. Above all, you should post articles on sites that – nt Google considers relevant to the searches you want to

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