If you don’t Namibia Phone Number establish the way things are, you can’t see how things change.


Now fr the piece that everyone If you don’t Namibia Phone Number misses. What the character wants and what the character needs are two different things.
If the characters want nothing, nothing. Also, will bring them to the end of the story. They will walk away at the first sign of conflict. Desire is what drives the plot.

Need is what the character needs to get. Also, to the end. The need is what drives the theme.

A content marketer’s story is cut short. Also, from the start if the writer doesn’t understand that what the customer wants isn’t what they need. Customers don’t want your product. They need your product to get what they want.

Don’t waste time trying Also, to make readers want your product

Show them their start. Show . Also, them how things are for them now

Show them you understand what they . Also, want and set the stage to show them what they will need.

The marketer’s story seems to fall apart. Also, at this point even more often than with a bad start.

Although most marketers don’t develop a solid start, they do at least get started. When it comes to the middle, many marketers don’t include any at all.

In the midst of a work If you don’t Namibia Phone Number of fiction, readers expect the character to:

Develop a reasonable plan to get

Namibia Phone Number
Namibia Phone Number

what he or she wants
Try to run the plan (but the problem is more complex than expected and fails)
Rinse and repeat the trial and fail process
This process has to happen at least once for anyone to feel like a story is being told. Thematically, the middle of the story serves a clear and essential purpose. It illustrates what happens when characters try to get what they want without getting what they need.

Without a solid middle, readers don’t believe the theme of the story. They are not sold on what the character needs. They have no reason to believe the character can’t get what they want without him.

The middle is where readers learn the true scope of the issue. It seemed small at first. As readers learn more about it, they learn that it’s not that simple. It gets more and more complicated. The more the characters try to get what they want, the more insurmountable readers realize the problem.


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