How to make PPT for project bidding? Turkey Mobile Number

After Party A publishes the tender, the general sales will contact the product manager to ask us to prepare the tender. The tender is necessary. The tender PPT should see whether the tender document clearly requires on-site bidding. If so, the tender PPT needs to be prepared.

If the bidding document does not clearly state that PPT should be prepared, don’t think that you should not do it. Be safe and ask the sales if you want to prepare it.

Of course, it’s best to ask the sales questions all of the following:

Do you want to prepare a PPT for bidding?

Some projects require tenders, some do not, subject to what the sales say.

Is there a requirement for the duration of the bidding?

Some lectures are 30 minutes long, while Turkey Mobile Number others are 5 minutes. For long lectures, when preparing the PPT, the content can be rich and specific. For short lectures, the content can be divided into primary and secondary.

Who is scoring?

If the product manager has contact with the scoring staff in the pre-sales stage, according to the points they are concerned about, make a targeted bidding PPT.

Who are the competitors?

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Understand the differences between competitors and us, their strengths and weaknesses, our strengths and weaknesses, and avoid weaknesses when making PPT.

Today, I mainly talk about how to make a PPT for project bidding.

A project bidding PPT generally includes the following parts:

  1. Company Profile
  2. Typical Case
  3. Platform solution
  4. Project implementation
  5. Summary of advantages

No matter how long or short the bidding time is, when doing PPT, do it according to the complete, and then control the time when speaking.

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