How to Create a Self-promotion Campaign Within Your WordPress Blog

You may have noticed that for a couple of weeks I’ve had a side banner promoting the bloggers course that I launched before the summer. Compared to Kschool and GenteEcommerce advertising, it is a self-promotional campaign that is not displayed through an ad server .

How Online Advertising Campaigns Are Normally Launched

An ad server or ad server is an online advertising tool Belgium WhatsApp Number List that stores the banners and at the same time allows the configuration of the ads based on what has been agreed with the advertiser. It provides a report that is used for the control, optimization and final billing of the campaign.

It is true that there are already tools such as the Google DFP server for small businesses that is free up to a volume of 50 million advertising impressions per month. It perfectly serves the same purpose and I guess for most bloggers this should be more than enough.

What is a self-promotion campaign for? As a beginner it is perhaps too big a step to learn how to use an ad server . If, as it was in my case, you are simply interested in redirecting visits to a page that you want to give more visibility to without complicating your life, this little trick can help you. A banner on the lateral side can serve you in the following way:

Redirect Users to a Welcome Page So They Can Get a Quick Idea

Belgium WhatsApp Number List
Belgium WhatsApp Number List

Drive visits to a landing page with your own or third-party commercial offer that may be of interest to your readers.
Inform your readers of the possibility of subscribing to your blog and thus increase the number of your subscribers .
How to Create a Self-Promotion Campaign Without an Ad Server With WordPress

A visual element in the form of a banner that redirects traffic to another page of your blog also serves to keep the user longer and read more posts. To mount the self-promotion campaign as I have done you have to follow the following steps.

1. Create the self-promo banner : the most important thing to consider is the size of the photo you use to create the banner. Although you can always modify the image in the code, you do not complicate your life if you already put it directly with the width that the lateral space of your blog allows you.

Create the image for your banner
2. Upload the image to the blog : you can create a new post or page and also use an existing one. With the functionality of WordPress to include photos or images you have the possibility of storing it on the server where your blog is hosted.

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