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Every year at CMI we ask marketers Kazakhstan Phone Number about how they use content marketing and how they succeed internally. The information is useful, but what we also want to know is what is going on in the minds of the people consuming the content?

So we were happy to . Also, partner with SmartBrief when . Also, we were asked to conduct a joint research project on how content influences the buying process. The survey represents the views of 1,200 SmartBrief subscribers involved in the buying process. The research focuses on what . Also, type of content is most influential, how those decision makers view content from a provider, and more.

You can download the report Kazakhstan Phone Number or read on for some ideas on what content marketers like you need to know.

But you may be surprised at how. Also, much decision makers want to hear from you. The majority say they have no preference about where they get their information – including 40% who say the source of the content doesn’t matter, as long as the information is credible. And 24% prefer the information to come from the supplier they are considering

YOUR ACTION: The data confirms something most

Of us know (although it’s good to share with all . Also, naysayers): Policymakers want to hear from you .

You have a substantial opportunity to provide. Also, information and answer questions – and it helps information seekers find you.

While a lot has been written about how . Also, to answer your customers’ questions — and get found on search — I like this common-sense (but often overlooked) approach from . Also, Andy Crestodina. He explains how to better understand a user’s intent when searching — and how to create something your brand will actually rank for.

If you had to guess which source of information had the most influence on a buying decision maker.

focused tactics such as product reviews, demos, third-party reviews, and more.

While tackling original research isn’t necessarily easy

Kazakhstan Phone Number
Kazakhstan Phone Number

it’s worth the effort — and it’s something. Also, I consistently suggest to people looking to grow their audience. In a recent article on the challenges and opportunities facing . Also, professional services marketers, Christina Galoozis, content marketing manager, consulting firm West Monroe Partners, said that these marketers consider content based on search as the most effective content they produce.

Christina explains, “It’s because we have something original to say that the reader can’t go anywhere else. We’re investing in more exclusive surveys this year than ever before. »

Research has played such a critical role in CMI’s growth that we have a full-time Research Director, Lisa Murton Beets (who shares her secrets during Content Marketing World). Our PR consultant, Amanda Subler, offers step-by-step instructions while publicizing our research, which is written or quoted at least once (usually more) a day every day.


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