Zendesk shares the Malta Phone Number keys to creating a hugely successful brand post

Many brands struggle to stay out of the spotlight Malta Phone Number in their . Also, content. They start out with good intentions to wait quietly in the wings, but over time the brand returns to center stage.

Zendesk, however, has created a post that barely includes . Also, branding. Its new property, Relate, is all about improving professional relationships. In a growing library of content — articles, podcasts, print magazines, and in-person events — the SaaS company’s customer service product rarely makes an appearance.

More than two-thirds (68%) of

Relate’s audience was not in the Malta Phone Number Zendesk . Also, database, meaning the brand is now reaching readers who might not have encountered the company on other canals.

Light brand publications like Relate are ideal ways for brands to reach a wider audience, and even turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue generator. For those looking to head in that direction, Monica shares her key takeaways from two years at the helm of Relate:

Choose the right audience and the right topic.
Get (and keep) management buy-in to build the audience first.
Focus on consumption metrics before moving on to conversions.
Get the right hires, but don’t rely exclusively on full-time internal employees.
Don’t be afraid to go big.

Talk to the right people about the right things

Malta Phone Number
Malta Phone Number

Choosing the right audience and topic for a branded post is crucial, says @monicalnorton. #CMWorld Click to tweet

“Relationships are something we talk about at Zendesk,” she says. With Relate, “we were looking for areas where we could move away from customer service to elevate the conversation, but something where we still felt we had authority on the subject, such as managing important relationships between your colleagues and your customers and partners. We cover everything except romance. It’s on you.

The key is to find a topic beyond your brand and what you sell, but still within the realm of your product. Otherwise, there is a disconnect. Zendesk, for example, would not publish on the subject of marketing. Audience members familiar with the brand would be confused, and the content would not appeal to an audience that might one day become users of its customer service software.



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