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switched to 4G when using Wi-Fi, you should be able to check if the router is receiving and sending the signals correctly. Switch from the normal 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz and note any changes in your connection. 2. Update modem firmware YouTube may not work properly on your phone if your modem’s firmware is not up to date. Keep your modem firmware up to date because transit signals use firmware that must be kept up to date. If you don’t update your modem, you may have trouble accessing other Internet services on your phone. 3.

Update or uninstall YouTube app from iOS Go to your iOS App Store or Play Store if you have an Android phone and check if there is a new version of YouTube that you can install. Search for the YouTube app in the App Store. If there is a new version of YouTube online, you will see the Albania whatsApp number list update button. If it reads open, your current YouTube app is working fine and you don’t need to update it. YouTube apps can sometimes crash when you are playing a video. If this happens, you should force close the app and run it once again. Please uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app from the iOS App Store if you find that it is not working properly. 4.

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Download YouTube videos to your phone If you still cannot access YouTube videos on your phone, you can use a third-party app to download the videos and play them on your phone. Find another app on the iOS App Store that works like YouTube and use it to download videos. There are many online applications that you can use to find the content on YouTube. You can download and install iTube Studio on your phone and use it to play all videos on YouTube. Download videos to watch when you’re offline and eliminate buffering. You can also play YouTube videos in Safari. 5.

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Change video quality Adjusting the video quality can also help you fix the YouTube issue on your phone. Check your Internet connection if the quality of the videos on YouTube is not that pleasant for you. YouTube tends to change the quality of the video depending on the speed of the Internet connection. That means that when the Internet connection is slow, the videos will tend to look blurry. You can adjust the video quality manually on YouTube and still enjoy it. 6. Reboot your phone If you are still finding it difficult to access YouTube on your iPhone, you need to reset it. There are many software issues on your iPhone that you can only fix when you reset your phone.

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Give your iPhone a fresh start by restarting it and continue enjoying YouTube. If you want to restart your iPhone, press and hold the power button and then slide it to the right side. Your device will reboot shortly and start working optimally. final thoughts Using the voice search feature on YouTube makes it easy to find videos online. You can watch videos on your Smart TV and phone without typing anything in the search box. Always keep your YouTube app up to date and make sure you have a reliable internet connection if you want to enjoy using the YouTube voice search feature.

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