You’re Not Giving Your Best

The human being knows no limits in what he is capable of achieving. The good news is that you are part of this select group and all you have to do is give your best to achieve what you set out to do. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Happiness is on the way and both success and failure are stops on this journey 3 We don’t try harder not to stand out . Those who think that being happy is free also pay a price for it Few people actually achieve their dreams because they give up on them too quickly or because they think that being happy is free.

I am aware that not everyone shares the same point of view. I am convinced that happiness is related to sacrifice and effort. The vast majority of us aspire to always more so moving to the next level has a price. Even those who are satisfied with what they have and sacrifice things at the cost of being happy as they are without having or doing more: Travel to other countries or cities because with the money they have they have adapted to a modest life without any kind of luxury.

Happiness Is on the Way and Both Success and Failure Are Stops on This Journey.

Receive greater social recognition for the prestige and admiration of having worked hard and achieved a goal (eg Isra Garcia who has just finished an Ultraman ). Bahamas WhatsApp Number List Not living moments of happiness as a couple and/or family for not having wanted to undergo the previous stages of rejection, breakups and suffering to find a person with whom you share all or part of your life. The argument always comes out “yes, but I’m happy as is”. Let’s be honest. “Wouldn’t you like to say yes to this proposal even if it’s just for a moment?” The fact that you do not pursue these dreams is related to the fear you have of failing and having tried for nothing.

Happiness is on the way and both success and failure are stops on this journey. You should not worry about failure but the fact that you have never set out to achieve something. The problem is not the first but the last. Bahamas WhatsApp Number List Simply ask yourself a question when you are about to leave this world and move on to another (or whatever comes). Will you be happy and satisfied with how you have taken advantage of the time you have been given? Or instead would you have liked to try things that in the end, out of fear or whatever, you never did? Both failure and success are only possible stopping points, but what really brings you happiness is being on the path.

We Don’t Try Harder Not to Stand Out

Bahamas Whatsapp Number List
Bahamas Whatsapp Number List

It consists of constantly seeking the best of yourself. Rectify when you have made a mistake, do it again when you have not generated the best possible result. Make a difficult decision when you are realizing that you are unhappy, etc. Bahamas WhatsApp Number List . We don’t try harder not to stand out I think there is a perplexing situation where many do not give their best. The perceived social pressure increases with the previous effort made. The question that often arises is: what for? Until you experience it. Bahamas WhatsApp Number List.  You won’t know what it’s like to run 26 miles for the first time because anything can happen to you: injuries, a bad day, hot weather, etc. The greatest moment of happiness during a marathon race is at the start. I  manages to be prepares for this moment that I share on the starting line with thousands of other runners.

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