7 Toxic Expressions That You Should Erase From Your Vocabulary to Move Forward

The words impact. They affect you. They make you reflect, give your opinion, doubt and can change everything. The vast majority of us underestimate the power of what is written and said. There are many toxic expressions that prevent you from being the person you want to be. In many cases we do not realize it.

1. “it’s Interesting” – During My Ph.d.

there was a professor in our department who would get mad if you used the word “interesting” in a sentence. If you think about it a little you realize that the man is right. Actually it is an empty word that you use when you do not know how to say anything positive. It is not toxic like the others but it does not contribute anything either. Since then I avoid the word “interesting” in social networks and conversations, making the effort to give more detailed feedback .

2. “I have tried” : always when I hear the phrase “at least I have/have tried” it makes my hair stand on end. The use of this word implies failure. To try is to assume that you will not succeed. Have you heard that success starts in your head? Don’t try, just do it. If it doesn’t come out at first repeat and do it again but never limit yourself to just trying.

3. “I can’t” : okay, then give up. Life is unfair and Brazil B2b fax numbers it is treating you especially badly. You have to move your ass . And you know what? Things cost. Nothing is easy in this life because if it were, you would already have your Ferrari, the villa on the beach and your loft in New York. Do you deserve all that and much more? Well, prove it and stop always complaining when you notice that the effort involves pain.

4. “i Don’t Have Time” :

Neither do I for things that don’t interest me. A couple of days ago my mother reminded me. “You have time for what you want.” That is the reality. In life there is no lack of time but priorities. Accept that you can’t do everything in life. It is the first step to be happier. Don’t say you don’t have time when you really don’t want to make the “effort” involved in playing sports, meeting friends, losing weight, learning a language, etc.

5. “I Told You So” : Now What? Are you the smartest man or woman who knew that things were not going to go as planned? Congratulations. The last thing a person wants to hear at a difficult time in his life is that phrase because he already knows it. It’s like kicking someone who’s already on the ground. The past is the past. Those things can no longer be changed. Provide a vision of the future if you want to help a person close to you.

6. “That’s the fault of…” : whose? From your mother, brother, friend, neighbor, teacher, boss, etc.? Sure, it’s never your fault. Even if that were the case, it’s no use pointing the finger at someone. You are the main responsible for your life. If things don’t work out for you, it’s your fault. Have you failed 10 times? And? You probably have to look for the reasons behind you in order to move forward.

7. “I Don’t Know What to Do” :

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Neither do I. Don’t look for protection behind this expression for someone to come and save you. The most important thing in life is to keep walking on the path. Never stop because you have to make a difficult decision in your life. A German singer (Herbert Grönemeyer) has a song (“Bleibt alles anders”) in which he uses the phrase “Stillstand ist der Tod”. It could be translated with “to stop is to die”. To be happy you have to make decisions that allow you to move forward even if they are painful at first.

The word is a very powerful weapon. It can change everything. Certain expressions are poison for the mood. You have to get rid of negative emotions and focus on positive ones even if there are situations in life that make it very difficult.

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