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Screenshot showing a spam tester You don’t want to send out spam or anything that could be considered spam. One of the most daunting things about running a giveaway is how to set it up and collect entries. You want to make it as automated as possible so you don’t have to babysit your giveaway. The best way to do this is to use a giveaway tool. There is one free giveaway tool, and one paid that I’d recommend. Instead of going through a process when entering, users can see all entry methods at once

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So they can choose which entry option they want. Screenshot showing a gift card giveaway entry page Participants can enter via Facebook or by email, and you can Ivory Coast Phone Number choose a winner or have chooses it for you. They also provide a detailed report (in a spreadsheet Ivory Coast Phone Number format) of each user and entry methods – making it easy to verify the validity of entries. 2 – KingSumo This Ivory Coast Phone Number is the FREE giveaway tool I used. It works great, and you can create an AMAZING looking giveaway in 16 seconds, like the one I set up for my Sleep Sumo giveaway: Screenshot showing

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KingSumo in action KingSumo drives traffic back to your site by generating a unique referral URL for every entrant. Participants are encouraged to share their referral URL on Twitter and Facebook to increase their entries. You can set how many entries can be earned by each successful referral. And you can give people the ability to unlock more entries by taking specific actions you want them to take (like visiting a blog post, watching a YouTube video, commenting on a Facebook ad, etc.) When you are setting up your giveaway, plan to make the giveaway last for at least four days.

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