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This is a great way to show search engines that you are referencing authoritative and. Trustworthy sources to support your work, which is a great strategy for EAT. Additionally, listing citations in Schema markup can help position your brand relative to the other brands you associate with. Which can potentially provide Google with qualitative information about your trustworthiness. Use structured data to support EAT initiatives The library is continually being expanded. And while structured data itself isn’t a direct ranking factor, Google consistently recommends embracing its use and using as much of it as possible to help its search engine make sense of your site. Presumably, by helping Google better understand your content and. The entities included on your site through structured data. This will also streamline and improve their efforts to assess the quality and EAT of your website.

 Commercial Continue reading below Pay attention to the ever-evolving library and take advantage of the many schema types and properties listed there as a guide to how Belgium whatsApp number list your content should be structured.Google developed Google Assistant to make searching the Internet a walk in the park for its users. Today, with the voice search feature in your Google Chrome app, you can order anything online, book that ticket, make a phone call, and visit Wikipedia without typing anything in the search box. Yes, it’s that easy when you turn on the Google voice search feature on your devices. However, sometimes your OK Google may not work as you expect and you need to fix it.

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 What steps should you take if you find that Google Voice search isn’t working properly on your phone, desktop, and Chromebook? Here I have listed the steps you need to follow to make your job easier when using this feature. Why Google Voice Search is not working on your device Here are some of the reasons why Google Voice Search may not work optimally on your desktop or phone. Google server issues: When the backend server is down, voice search may not work optimally. Sometimes Google’s backend service stops working and you have to wait until it is restored. There is nothing you can do to correct this problem. Problem with your microphone: Your device uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize your voice and convert it to text. 

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It means that OK Google will not detect your voice or speak when you have an outdated microphone. If your microphone is not working properly, you need to fix it. Slow Internet: OK, Google uses the Internet to find results based on your search query. Therefore, if there is a problem with your Internet connection, the command cannot be executed completely, compromising performance. Voice change: If a different voice tries to use your device, that’s okay, Google won’t respond and stays dormant. OK, Google has been designed to imitate and recognize your voice. Incorrect language settings: If the language you are speaking does not match the one entered into Google, it will not be possible to use OK Google. 

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The voice search feature is set to work in English (US), but you can always change the setting. Incorrect app data: OK Google is a voice search app that comes intact on your Android smartphone. If this app is missing data or corrupted, it will not work properly. Battery saving mode: Google voice search is likely to misbehave if your phone is running in battery saving mode. Most of the smartphones come with battery saver feature, which prevents all apps including Google app from running in the background to save battery life. Outdated Google app: If your device is running on an outdated Google app, the voice search feature will not work properly.

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