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All of us in this room bombard consumers with thousands of ads a day, subject them to endless ad load times, interrupt them with pop-ups, and overcrowd their screens and feeds with just plain bad work. I mean, is it any wonder that ad blockers are going up 40%? ”

No, it’s not surprising at all.

It was the ad blockers that Iran Phone Number finally freaked out the complacent ad activity in 2014 and, in a way, made Scott Cunningham famous a year later. Cunningham, a technologist and longtime publishing and advertising executive, was working for the IAB in 2015 when he wrote the trade group’s first acknowledgment of the industry’s anti-audience excesses. “We missed” was the first line and he went on to explain that “we lost track of the user experience”.

Cunningham’s article offered a host of technical steps to help online ads load faster, consume less data, and generally be less obnoxious. But more than a year later, Pritchard’s rant at the IAB and the ever-growing use of ad blockers show that too little has changed to save digital advertising from itself.

Cunningham left the IAB

Last year and now runs Iran Phone Number his own. Also, consultancy, Cunningham Tech. He told me in a recent interview that the current crisis is “sort of an inevitable intersection.”

Marketers have long blindly accepted the promise that online. Also, advertisements will be a cheap and reliable source of mass influence. This promise, made at the beginning of the web, turned out to be false.

Pursuing mass audiences for marketers and profitable revenue for publishers, Cunningham. Also, and his fellow technologists focused on “quantity over quality” and “our over-engineering of cool and awesome things” than technology. can do, like targeting and retargeting.

Now, says Cunningham

Iran Phone Number
Iran Phone Number

Marketers are “faced with the reality that ‘it won’t be what we thought… It won’t be: I can pick up the phone, call my agency buyer, write a giant check and rest assured me that my brand was going to be what I thought. »

The key to the change needed is for marketers to internalize how. Also, digital works. It’s time to stop making massive programmatic purchases based on vague criteria, time to carefully. Also, select the sites on which a brand’s ads will appear, time to realize that “quality is better than quantity” , he said.

Cunningham is an optimist who still believes in advertisements. He thinks marketers are finally turning on the right track. “It’s early, but it’s happening,” he said.


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