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The more effective the investment, the higher the Australia Phone Number return. This is one of the important topics that caught my eye during Emerce Digital Marketing Live . Still, I agree with Kim Pot who states in her article that you can no longer call Australia Phone Number this a trend. It should be the norm, the basic principle. But for many organizations it is not yet, so I see a need to keep naming it. In addition to the large amount of content we create, we also too often make choices based on our gut feeling or HiPPO’s (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) instead of data. This topic Australia Phone Number was also discussed in detail at the event.

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I was there and in this article I share the most Australia Phone Number important insights that struck me. The power of imperfection Ron Simpson of The Avocado Show got me thinking during his knowledge session. He said that porn, cat videos and memes are the three most viewed things on the internet. Three things that score through imperfection. “Then why Australia Phone Number are we all trying to play Hollywood? Why do we try to make the best trailers, videos and photos, when the most viewed content on earth is low resolution content?”, says Ron. Example of a Australia Phone Number meme Source And that’s where he hits the nail on the head in my opinion. We put so much effort into creating the perfect picture, while that creates distance.

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It’s too made. Too pushy. Try focusing more often Australia Phone Number on a personal, authentic (and imperfect) message, one that fits seamlessly with your brand values. Because such a message connects. By constantly asking yourself: “Does it feel like you?”, you will create content that comes across as genuine. And that’s what you want. If you also realize that Australia Phone Number people can survive without your organization, you are well on your way. Just look at the amount of providers. Basically they don’t need you at all. Unless you become the most relevant provider. But how do you become it? By continuously meeting your target group’s needs. Even if Australia Phone Number they don’t know what the need is yet. By continuously reaching them with relevant, personalized content. And by responding to their feelings.


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