Google Wants to See You Without Makeup

Everyone who starts to set up a blog sooner or later cannot avoid being confronted with the problem of increasing their Google visits. Many suddenly begin to think that they have understood that this has something to do with the famous SEO.The Search Engine Optimization , which is nothing more than the web positioning of pages in search engines, seeks to improve the position of any blog or website in the top 10 of Google to steal visits from the competition.

Don’t Cheat if You Want to Survive the First Year

Search engines and especially Google do not like that Vietnam B2B List you do SEO. In the end, the vast majority of us look for an artificial improvement in positions without always providing the same quality of content in exchange to deserve a privileged position. There is the faucet concept and on few occasions you manage to open it faster than expected. I never tire of saying it: a very simple thing to understand is that climbing the rankings requires time and constant content creation.

The first year is the most dangerous because it is when you still have very little experience and you do not know how far you can go. In my first 12 months as a blogger and webmaster I have easily “destroyed” about 40 web pages. It has obviously helped me a lot to learn, but I am not sure if you are in the same situation as I was 8 years ago, having at my disposal an amount of time that today I can only dream of.

The Most Natural Thing Is to Do Nothing

Vietnam Business Email List
Vietnam Business Email List

It took me a long time to understand. Uploading a web project quickly to get hits from Google is possible even in a relatively short period of time. The bad thing is that the techniques that you have to apply for it will always be risky and in 90% of the cases of short duration. Especially discussions about the importance of links are a danger for the beginner.

1. Do not use no-follow : if you do not know what no-follow is, it is not even worth understanding. You tell Google with this tag not to follow the link to make it less important for web positioning. Obviously it will not listen to you so it will investigate what type of site you have linked to. There are many discussions in forums about its importance. I have neither the answer nor the truth because only Google knows that. Think rather what would be natural in this case. I dare say that the vast majority of bloggers do not know this concept.

2. Think about how they link to you without your asking : sooner or later we all have some “friend blogs” with whom we exchange favors. The most popular is the link exchange (of course). To start with, this has nothing to do with natural. So if your site is about travel to Australia and all the blogs linking to you have the keyword “travel Australia” pointing to the front page something is starting to smell bad for Google. They are clear indications of manipulation given that you want to come up with a popular term among the first positions of the search engine.

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