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A great job. It is also a subject about which there Bahrain Phone Number  are quite a few misunderstandings. 7 misunderstandings arise just too often for me. To make it short, I will list these misunderstandings about copywriters. Curious Bahrain Phone Number if you recognize yourself in this. 1. A copywriter can do anything A copywriter can do a lot. Not everything. Don’t sneeze with his eyes open or lick his elbows. Are you a copywriter who can? Wow. What Bahrain Phone Number I mainly want to say is that a copywriter cannot write all kinds of texts well. Simply because conversion copy is really different from informative content.

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Just like a marrow pipe is different from a speculaasje. Writing a Bahrain Phone Number vacancy text requires different skills than writing a press release. Shall I continue? Okay then: writing a manual for a technical product requires different talents than the creation of a slogan. Writing a press release or a tender text: a world of difference. Think of it as if Bahrain Phone Number you were asking Cesar Zuiderwijk to play The Second Waltz on a violin. While André Rieu plays Radar Love on the drums. Cesar and André are both musicians, so why not? Or have your Bahrain Phone Number house painter repaint the Night Watch.

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I like to be surprised Bahrain Phone Number by the result. A brilliant copywriter is creative, stubborn and smart. But a brilliant copywriter is never a thousand-things cloth. 2. A copywriter is expensive Yep, that’s what some people think. And I Bahrain Phone Number get that. Especially if you compare the rate between copywriters. The difference in the hourly rate of one or the other sometimes amounts to € 100.00. Long, long ago (2011), my very first client thought my hourly rate of €65.00 was bizarrely high. Because, he paid his previous Bahrain Phone Number copywriter € 25.00 per hour. “Okay, but there’s a reason you stopped hiring that previous copywriter and called me?” Made my point .

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