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contribute your guest posts. The next process is to prepare for the right pitch. Before throwing, you need to warm up your targets to let them know. Being a stranger, there’s no point in expecting blog owners to accept your guest post request. Therefore, it becomes obvious to build a relationship with bloggers before getting closer. You can start interacting with target blog owners as below. #1 Use the power of social media Every webmaster should be keen on growing their followers and social engagements. Therefore, bloggers are likely to monitor their social profile performance. Here is an advantage. Connect with your target blog

owners, track and tag your social

signals like retweets, likes, comments and shares. You can often share one of their popular posts by tagging the particular blog owner. You will be noticed, perhaps Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists for the first time. It’s a good start. #2 Blog Comment You probably need to follow your target blogs. Take the time to legitimately contribute insightful blog comments. By blogging regularly with a few helpful points, you get closer to the blog owner. Few blogs that I follow and regularly read its content. Among them, Erik’s NoPassiveIncome is one of them. I will always find his article simpler and easier to grasp. I will never fail to

tag my comments after reading each

Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists

blog post. Here are my comments on the NPI articles – Blog Comments blog comment #3 Shoot the warm-up emails A week or two before the pitch, send them a few noteworthy emails appreciating their good work. Say, for example, mentioning a piece of content from their blog, highlighting tips, strategies, or infographics included in the post in question, and saying how it inspired you. How was this article helpful to you? Talk about it or the inspirations you have with them. Here’s an email conversation I had with Ryan, Blogging From Paradise. He is also a popular travel blogger. I was asking him

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