How Do You Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

The question is not so much if you can make money with a blog but how. Alex Navarro recently published in his personal blog that one could earn almost 2,000 euros a month by posting only once every 2 months. Everything is possible but I assure you that we as normal human beings have to increase the frequency of publication a little to achieve the same results.

Although it is not easy to earn Tanzania B2B List money this way, affiliate marketing is one of the most potentially attractive sources of income for a blogger. Although the vast majority of us enjoy what we do, it is not bad to see the hours and hours of work that you invest to obtain an economic return from the activity justified. It doesn’t do much good to jump right in. You have to know the bases under which affiliate marketing can generate income for the blogger.

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1 Find the right niche offering affiliate programs
2 Have the trust of your readers
3 Include the recommendation in a manual content

Find the Right Niche Offering Affiliate Programs

To start you need a monothematic blog. If you don’t have millions of page views every day it is better to focus and have a specific niche. For affiliate marketing, it is also required that there are advertisers that offer their programs through the main platforms in Spain such as Zanox or Tradedoubler. If your blog is about skating but there are no good offers in this sector, you will not be able to use this source of income. Even if there is a wide variety of advertisers and programs, you have to know how to choose well. How to choose the right affiliate program for your blog

Have the Trust of Your Readers

Tanzania B2B List
Tanzania B2B List

This starts with having always been honest in the past. It may seem obvious, but many bloggers abuse trust by recommending products and services solely for the attractiveness of the commission they receive in return. In the short term, this strategy can work, but if you want to be successful and generate income with affiliate marketing for months or years, it is better that you know well the products and services that you promote. In the event that problems arise, readers will hold you accountable and want explanations. If you don’t want to have a negative impact on your reputation you should look for a way to find a solution to the incident. The time you have to invest in these cases is not worth the commission you receive for recommending a product that you have not personally tried.

Include the Recommendation in a Manual Content

One of the best ways to generate income with affiliate marketing is to only recommend products and services that you personally trust. The most effective way is still not to publish an advertorial type. You must include the use of the recommended product within a manual content. E.g. if you want to sell tools to sell a tire explains step by step how to change a wheel. When you explain it, you can mention that you have been using the key of company x because it saves you time, less effort, it gives you more security, etc.

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