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In 2017, sucuri became part of godaddy and is now part of godaddy’s security unit. He works with a digital nomad profile that allows him to also dedicate himself to his great passions: learning. Creating and innovating.ready for world backup day? Maria acibeiro maria acibeiro 03/15/2019 your website always safe did you know that every minute 113 mobiles are lost or that 1 in 10 computers. Every month is infected with a virus? According to the world backup day page , 30% of people have never backed up their files, mobiles, computers or tablets. What is world backup day?

World backup day is celebrated on march 31 with the aim that people commit . To backing up all important data and files on their computers, mobile phones or tablets, even when we talk . About web pages. If you have just started online or you have a website for your business, you must . Protect your website against possible computer threats such as malware or ddos attacks that could . Endanger all your information and that of your customers. And one of the best ways to do it is to always . Have a backup copy of your website at hand. What is a backup or a security copy?

A Backup From The English

Back up , “support”, “reinforcement”) is a backup Ivory Coast Phone Number copy of the files of an information system . Or software that is used to restore the information of the same in case something goes wrong. For example, if you lose your mobile phone or your computer stops working from one . Moment to another. It is recommended to make a regular backup of your files and store it in a safe place. In the world of hosting we say that a backup is a security copy of the content of your website and it is essential . That you always have a copy on hand that you can use if the time comes to need it.

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A thousand things can happen, and some are as simple and common as these. You made a change to your website, but these changes have not gone well and you want to go back. You just updated wordpress core , but it was incompatible with some plugin in your installation and you are . Not able to detect which one is the culprit. The easiest? Pull a backup. You have been the victim of a hack . Or your website has malware and you need to restore the content as soon as possible to get it up and . Running as soon as possible. There are many reasons! In addition to always . Making sure you have a complete copy of your website, it is important that it is up to date

Don’t Get Obsessed

With having hourly copies either, it all depends on how often you update . Your page. For example, it is not the same that you have a blog and publish an article every week than . An ecommerce in which you are updating your product catalog often. In the first case, a weekly copy . Could even be enough, but if your business depends on an online store, make sure you have them daily. Backups, manual or automatic? Schedule backups .there are two ways to make backups of your website. Manually or automatically. Making copies manually can be a good option if you have a small or not very updated .

Website that does not require you to make copies every day, but if you have . A large page or e-commerce or you are professionally dedicated to making websites for your client. , it is not feasible. . Don’t trust your memory. Making backups automatically will save you time and effort. Automatic backups are the best option when managing multiple websites at the same time. You save a lot of . Time and you can focus on what really matters: the development or design of your clients’ pages.

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