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Larger photos on your site Do you have visitors Malta Phone Number who work with larger screens than full HD? Then consider larger website photos. For example, do you focus on designers, art directors, photographers, gamers or Malta Phone Number advertising agencies? Then it is useful to set up your site for visitors who work with large monitors. For example, I did that with my photography portfolio. The purpose of that site is not to bring in photo assignments. It is my portfolio website where Malta Phone Number the emphasis is on my style of shooting. Then you want to show visitors beautiful photos, which also look good and sharp on a Quad HD screen.

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Show website photos at 100% If you Malta Phone Number view my portfolio site with a Quad HD screen (2560×1440), you will see that photos are displayed really sharp. That’s because the photos are 2560 pixels wide. The photo Malta Phone Number below of the center of The Hague is an example of this. Sharp photo example This photo is shown here much smaller than 2560 pixels. You can see that if you open this image in Malta Phone Number a new tab and zoom in. This photo is 2560 pixels wide, and will be placed here that is 770 pixels wide. So that is something you want to avoid, because you can Best to display the photos at 100%.

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As you can see in the image below, you Malta Phone Number can choose how you post a photo on a site. In this WordPress environment you can choose to display the photo in full size. Example photo full size In this way you do Malta Phone Number not have to place the photos larger than necessary in terms of KBs. Google doesn’t like that. Your visitors also do not benefit from extra download KBs. So make sure that photos that are no larger than the place that the photo gets on your site. The photo below Malta Phone Number looks the same as the photo above. But it is a different file, with a width of 770 pixels.


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