You Are Not a Number

I’m sick of statistics that only describe the terrible situation we are in. I’m tired of articles with a perspective and opinion on Spain and Spanish that make you want to shoot yourself in the head .

Statistics Describe the Past and Do Not Paint Your Future

Everything is based on data that is real and Tunisia B2B List cannot be denied, but if you do not go beyond a simple analysis, it does not give you absolutely anything. It’s just pure negativity that people love to keep arguing about who’s to blame so they don’t have to take any kind of personal responsibility for the situation we’re in.

My parents moved to Germany 40 years ago to have a better life. According to German statistics, as the son of immigrants, there was not a great probability that he would end up studying, much less that shortly after he would do a doctorate. If I had paid attention to the data I would not have returned to Spain 4 years ago either because statistically nobody did that. Statistics describe the past and do not paint your future. I am not a number and neither are you.

You Do Not Have the Right to Give Up for Being Part of a Figure

Tunisia B2B List
Tunisia B2B List

55% of young people between 25 and 29 years old are unemployed . What’s worse is that many take this status literally because they don’t really consider themselves to be “actively looking for work”. You don’t have the right to give up because it’s hard and all your friends are in the same situation anyway. Don’t listen to your parents and your environment who say that everything is the fault of politicians. It is easy and comfortable to defend this position because it means that a third party has to move before you can.

Remember that the only person responsible for your life is you. With every day you wake up you can start moving the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or not. You are not a number. You are much more than that. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. All you have to do is start and trust that if you really want it, everything is possible .

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