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I am, VA Klaasje makes it run smoothly’ Pietje Puk is CEO Slovenia Phone Number of a large multinational. Other CEOs at large multinationals are in the same group. Or want to. So by creating unity in the group, they will read the blog or customer Slovenia Phone Number case. Because they want to belong to that group. Influencing principles unit. Whatever you need to think about In this blog I have emphasized the 7 principles of influencing. But if you want to write a good headline for a blog, you should also think about: Clickbait Fatigue: I think we’ve all Slovenia Phone Number seen the ‘click here for the biggest secret’ headlines. It is my experience that we are now somewhat ready with that.

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Maybe people still click on it out of sheer Slovenia Phone Number laziness or curiosity, but you don’t attract real customers with that. So be aware of that when you are going to write titles. SEO: of course it is also important that you think about SEO. Which keyword(s) do I want to use? And how can I best process it in my head? Writing Style: The words you use to Slovenia Phone Number write a headline also depend on your style. The examples described above are rather generic, but written in an activating and accessible manner. Perhaps you have an ideal client who is deeply involved in the matter. Maybe you prefer to write creative headlines. Totally fine. Customers Slovenia Phone Number rely on your style, so make the most of it.

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Which of the 7 principles of influencing do Slovenia Phone Number you use? Or which one would you like to use more often? A ridiculously great success, that’s how TV maker Ivo Niehe once named his theater show in Paris. He could count on a good deal of comment from Calvinist Netherlands. You don’t say that about yourself. For many a recognizable Slovenia Phone Number inconvenience. We hardly dare to show what we do and can do. Afraid of appearing arrogant or self-righteous. And so we let the moment pass. A pitfall. Because visibility is essential in the online world for more brand awareness, leads and PR in general. The right mix The tendency is to Slovenia Phone Number give something personal on social media. But how do you do that without the ‘look at me’ effect?


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