WWE Smackdown Content Marketing Secrets

Neither of us are professional wrestling fans, so we took note of the phenomenon and moved on. But WWE.com content continued to evolve, and I decided to dig into the share data for sports and entertainment content.

I found out that WWE is the rightful boss of the sports entertainment content marketing arena, no matter who is in the ring. WWE.com has:

  • More average and median  France Phone Number shares than NFL, MLB, UFC and other sports leagues
  • More Pins on Pinterest than the NFL
  • More average shares than sports streaming network ESPN
  • More average shares than content on Game of Thrones

As famed wrestler (and Hefty Trash spokesperson) John Cena might tell, WWE content marketing has earned respect .

To determine the types of tactics contributing to WWE success, I analyzed 482,000 sports and entertainment titles and compared the top sports league sites in WWE.

WWE Dominates Stocks

France Phone Number
France Phone Number

WWE content has more shares than huge sports leagues with large fanbases, more shares than content on HBO’s Game of Thrones powerhouse, and more shares than France Phone Number ESPN., which hosts content that appeals to fans of various sports. In 2016, WWE topped NFL.com and MLB.com in average and median shares per post: wwe_median_shares wwe_average_shares In 2017, WWE not only dominated the NFL and MLB, but also the UFC and ESPN. wwe_median_shares_2017 wwe_average_shares_2017 Compared to a purely entertaining segment, WWE also put in an incredible performance. In 2016, WWE’s average and median shares were 6,447 and 68, respectively – 17 times and 11 times higher than content on Game of Thrones, which had an average of 380 shares and a median of six.

WWE Pinterest Commands

In 2016, WWE.com racked up 57,749 pins, an average of 3.4 per article; NFL.com had 4,604 total pins. The average pin count for Game of Thrones content in 2016 was 2.88, and in the first six months of 2017, ESPN.com averaged 0.18 pins per article.

I asked Alisa Meredith, Head of Content Marketing for Tailwind and Pinterest Marketing Specialist, to compare WWE and NFL’s Pinterest presence.

The NFL Feed is dominated by product photos, Alisa points out. But when you look at NFL content that fans have pinned, the main pins are game recap videos and an article about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen.



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