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Use Unique Images If you can choose between a USA Phone Number stock photo or a custom unique photo, always opt for a custom unique photo. Stock photos can be used by anyone. You don’t want to risk optimizing the same photo as another. Google prefers to show unique content and images. 7. View the performance of your image via Google Search Console In addition to the above, many of the ranking factors of written content also apply to images. This also applies to link building. Google sees a link to your image as a recommendation. Popular images, image with many recommendations, score better. Curious about the results of your images? You can USA Phone Number easily view this via Google Search Console. There you can view the performance of the images on your website over a certain period of time. To do this, change the search type within ‘performance’ to ‘Image’.

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View performance of images via Google USA Phone Number Search Console As a result, I see, for example, that the website ranks a 10 for the keyword ‘Oris watch’ . An ideal photo to test the tips from this blog! An example of an opportunity for image optimization 8. Add images to your XML sitemap You’ve probably already submitted an XML sitemap through Google Search Console to help Google navigate your way around your website. But did you know USA Phone Number that you can also create a sitemap for images? Do you use WordPress? Then this is easily done via the plugin ‘ Google Image Sitemap ‘. When using another CMS, I recommend discussing this option with your web developer.

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Make the SEO on your website the perfect USA Phone Number picture The importance of optimizing images should therefore be clear. Using the tips I just gave you, you can get started with image optimization. If you apply these tips, both Google and your visitors will understand your website better. In addition, applying the tips will ensure that the website speed improves. The page title and meta description are often the first pieces of USA Phone Number text a visitor sees when typing something into the search engine. You know, that blue title and that gray piece of text below it in Google. These pieces of text tell Google, but especially your potential customer, what the page behind the click is about. Of course you want that potential customer to click on your page title, right?

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