Write Pillar Content of More Than 2,000 Words if You Want to Reach

I’m not saying you do it every day. In my case, I usually publish a post with more than 2,000 words every 2 or 3 months. Call me lazy but writing a post with these dimensions takes time. Few manage to earn enough money with a blog to dedicate themselves exclusively to it. Most of us have obligations to pay monthly expenses on top of being able to spend enough time with family and friends.

What Is “cornerstone Content”?

In the Anglo-Saxon world of blogging, this type of Cambodia WhatsApp Number content with typically more than 2,000 words is often called “cornerstone content”. It defines it quite well because your blog needs pillars in the form of posts that give you a solid structure.

It serves as an anchor within a blog that helps guide new readers.
In many cases it is a beginner’s guide that provides essential knowledge to better understand the information presented in the blog.
It deals with key processes within a theme in a broad way, covering the fundamental aspects (eg “The 5 phases of evolution to achieve an immortal blog” )
The rest of the entries complement and detail aspects that are mentione in the “pillar content” within the niche that the blogger is dealing with.

What It Gives You to Write Posts With More Than 2,000 Words

Apart from the usefulness for the development of each blog that writing pillar content has, additional advantages arise. Given that in most cases the quality of these entries is above the average of the rest of the articles, it is not surprising that we see the following positive effects.

1. SEO positioning : Google loves long posts. From Panda, too short posts are penalize and long ones with more than 1,000 words receive a bonus in search results. Although in most cases it is true, as always in life there are exceptions and it is not possible to generalize 100%. I don’t deal with SEO every day so you have to keep in mind my limitations when I talk about this topic.

2. More retweets and increase in followers : as I was able to verify recently with a longer post (+1,500 words), it was confirme  again that this type of content is liked. It is a bit contradictory because the reader already reads but scans texts when browsing the web. Even so, these entries usually go to favorites to receive a more detailed reading at some point with more peace of mind. A higher number of retweets also brings in more new followers than normal. The good thing about portal content is that it helps you position yourself quickly in your niche with one post and creates a trust that you normally get with a series of liked posts.

3. Links from third-party blogs : although due to fear of competition it is often difficult to receive links from other bloggers, this type of content does. The idea behind pillar content is to create reference posts that broadly cover fundamental aspects within a particular niche. Referencing these sources also adds value to the blogger who puts up the seen link that shows his readers that he has an overview of the featured posts within his topic.

4. Comments and Feedback From Readers :

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Cambodia WhatsApp Number

Many people who come to your blog to get posts of more than 2,000 words are very grateful to you. Most are surprised that someone shares their knowledge with third parties without asking for anything in return. It is an opportunity to receive positive feedback that at the same time retains existing readers and helps you get new subscribers to the blog .

5. Revive existing articles : Old posts often disappear and stop receiving visitors . If they fail to rank in Google for some relevant keywords. Although they are pillars. It makes sense to create these posts when a series of articles. That can be references have already been previously create. Increase the length of stay and the pages visited per reader. These criteria are additionally important factors when it comes to positioning well in Google.

6. Create links with other bloggers in your sector : even if you know a lot within your niche. It is very likely that there are more people who also have something interesting to contribute. A link to another blog is both appreciate by the reader and the blogger who receives it. It is an opportunity to generate contacts that allow collaboration beyond simply exchanging links.

7. Welcome content for new readers : it is a pending task for this blog. New readers who have come here from Twitter or Google might feel a bit lost. I like the way Citizen 2.0 has done it. Welcoming on a specific page all those visitors who come to it for the first time. That way you get a quick overview of the main topics covere . Obviously one is presented in the best possible way with some articles that have received good feedback in the past.

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