World Vision Children’s Sponsorship Program

Other Adults Also Took Special Care of Me and Taught Me How to Do It. I Like to Work, and I Like to Study More.  I Hope That in the Future I Can Learn to Repair Mechanical Paraguay Phone Number Appliances.” Giovanni, Who Is in the Seventh Grade. Has a Grade of B or Above in Every Subject at School. the 20 Classmates in the Same Village Have a Good Relationship, and We Often Play Together. Some of the Classmates Are Also His “Colleagues”. Giovanni Recently Joined the World Vision Children’s Sponsorship Program and Delighted to Receive a Letter from His Sponsor and. A Special Gift—new Clothes and Food for the Whole Family.

You Invited to

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Choose to Sponsor the Child Who Waiting the Longest! When You Transform a Child’s Life, You Create Hope for the Next Generation  of the World. the World in 2020 Is Very Chaotic. the New Crown Pneumonia Has Caused Millions of Deaths Around the World and a Wave of Unemployment That Has Stagnated the Economy.

the ” Floyd Incident “

In the United States in May Has Detonated Once Again “Black Lives Matter” (Blm). ) Protest Movement Become the Most Serious Civil Conflict in the United States This Century. in Fact, the Tragedies Caused Such Excessive Police Enforcement, and the Confrontational Protests That Have Arisen in Response, Are Not Limited to the United States. France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Poland… Large Cities in Many European Countries Affected the Blm. And Have Also Launched Many Demonstrations and Clashes Between the Police and the People Since June to Protest Against the Police Targeting Africans and Arabs.

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