WordPress Blog or Blogger? Because Sooner or Later You Will Have to Spend

What I’m about to tell you really shouldn’t surprise you. It’s something you probably already know but don’t want to accept as reality.

To begin with, I have to apologize to Jesus from Iniciablog (the best blog about Blogger in Spain). The worst thing is that he has me included in his Twitter feed so this post will automatically appear on his timeline and it’s too late to tell. Instead I offer to compensate, to tweet your response post in favor of Blogger (in case you are encouraged) since it is good to have different points of view and to be able to debate them.

The Disadvantages of WordPress as a Blogging Platform

There is no point in me dwelling here on Azerbaijan B2B List the differences between the WordPress.com option and the WordPress.org option as a platform for your blog since there is already a lot of literature on the subject. If you want to delve into it, with a simple search like this , you will find them.

You have to scratch your pocket : Although there are free hosting options, frankly I do not recommend them. They all tend to have service shortcomings and limitations that are incompatible with a serious blog project. In addition, you can get very cheap quality options if you take advantage of the discounts for hosting that usually circulate on the network. And between a Linux or Windows hosting , I recommend that you stick with Linux for a WordPress blog.
Security Issues (WordPress.org) : You wouldn’t be the first to have your blog hacked. It is very annoying since someone could start sneaking spam links into you, which could even cause a Google penalty if you do not notice it in time.

A Complex World When You Start

Azerbaijan B2B List
Azerbaijan B2B List

After 8 years with WordPress.org I feel very comfortable with this platform. Someone just starting out can easily feel overwhelmes by the number of options available to them.
Advertising by default (WordPress.com) : the bad thing is that in the free version you do not see 1 cent of that income. They are add without anyone asking you and you have no options to block ads unless you upgrade to the paid version of WordPress.org.
You lose positioning if you go from .com to .org : the problem is this change involves the use of a new domain, so for Google you start from 0. The only option you have here to avoid being harme in SEO is of course, to go per box. There is a payment option in which WordPress ensures that you are not harmed in web positioning.
The Blogger problem and Google’s secret plans
The list of WordPress disadvantages is by no means complete. I invite you to add some additional points through the comments if you consider that I have not mentiones any important one. They all have an easy solution if you are not a beginner in this world. You have to be patient, everything will come.

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