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it all depends on the conversion which decides the skill level of the webmaster. If these tools can lend a hand, then you are the master. And, you might notice Thrive Themes’ growth in the market it’s hiking. This shows that the online marketing strategy is progressing towards conversion rates. Hence, Thrives themes dominate the WordPress market as the preferable solution. Since 2016, Genesis was at the top. Do you have any idea of ​​his downfall? StudioPress themes, however, are SEO friendly, fast, lightweight, and easily customizable. The only reason is that it pays less attention to the conversion aspects. Therefore, most webmasters turn to these fastest growing theme services, Thrive Themes. And it comes with a set of

conversion tools that every business

needs. Let’s keep the ball rolling to examine how Thrive themes are invading with its amazing features. Features of Thrive Themes We all know that Google is rolling out VP IT Email List a speed update in 2018. Whether or not it only affects mobile search rankings, website speed becomes the most crucial ranking factor. Therefore, the developers behind Thrive Themes have both search engines and users in mind while creating these products. Thus, Thrive Themes and its products are extremely fast and conversion-oriented. Outstanding Features of Thrive Themes – Fast Loading and Lightweight WordPress Themes Conversion-oriented elements Built-in widgets for more impressive data displays and easy

navigation Awesome Landing Page

VP IT Email List

Templates Elements and designs to increase page engagement and readability Social media sharing buttons (with counters) and related post features Header phone option to display phone number in header area Choice of automatic lossy or lossless image compression Lazy loading comments to avoid delays on first page render Thrive Apprentice to easily create and sell professional online courses SEO-friendly and mobile responsive by default Compatibility of child themes and easily customizable Is it easy to customize Thrive Themes? Of course, you don’t need to be a developer or technically customize Thrive themes. Indeed, these themes come by default with options that any

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