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bloggers manage their WordPress blogs. I know the demand for a good course is high and they are selling like hot cakes. However, I have no plans to create a course at this time. I want to make my blog the best place to learn all about blogging on the WordPress platform. The #1 tip if I have to share to grow a social media platform is engagement. A big advantage I found is that I always try to interact with my readers, try to answer their questions from my personal experiences, with the necessary humor (so that it doesn’t seem boring or too technical. I never forget to appreciate or encourage someone even for small achievements. 7.

Do you still believe in profile building

social bookmarking and all? What are your favorite link building techniques to nurture these days? Yes, link building is a must to get better rankings. Even VP Facility Manager Email Lists experts have repeatedly pointed out that no matter what content you write, if your content does not have enough backlinks, it will not rank higher in search engines. Of course, all the advanced link building techniques like guest posting, blogger outreach, broken link building, HARO are loved by all. But to me, link building is link building. And it is not possible for every niche to get such links. For example, I get authority mentions,

inclusion in roundup articles, being

VP Facility Manager Email Lists

interviewed by pro-bloggers like you, which is natural for my main website BloggingJoy.com. But the same is not always possible for an Amazon affiliate website or a micro-niche coupon website. So for these cases, we have to rely heavily on other link building techniques. Link building is link building, however you build it. The goal is to get higher rankings for certain keywords. 8. Name some favorite blogs you follow and tools you use for a perfect blog? I read a lot about SEO blogs and SEO case studies. Some of my favorite blogs are Backlinko, GotchSEO, Detailed.com, Robbie Richards, etc. I try to rely mostly on free tools because most newbies can’t afford paid tools. For example, I like small

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