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While Google might be your best friend, Twitter can get you more recent results with its quick index. Simply using the “Twitter Search”, enter your keyword + “my guest post”. You will get results from personalities who post on their recent guest post on the same niche. Dig the blogs they have guests on. Here is an example for you – Twitter-Guest-Post-Opportunities #6 Competitor Backlink Analysis It’s no

wonder that analyzing competitor

backlinks can help you land guest posting opportunities. Simply choose a main blog in your niche that ranks for thousands of potential keywords. You can use any Engineering Directors Email Lists popular SEO tool or backlink checker to perform competitor backlink analysis. For now, I’m taking Adam Connell’s blogging assistant and using Ahrefs. Digging his link profile is amazing. The links point from these authoritative domains. Below are some of approximately 30K backlinks. In the list, you can filter “one link per domain”, then “blogs” only, and backlinks marked with “content”. Since most blog owners provide a link in the content to acknowledge the contribution of any guest blogger. By refining your results, you can easily sediment the

backlinks generated by guest blogging

Engineering Directors Email Lists

In the first place . Export this list and catch these blogs for you. #7 Alltop.com Alltop.com, the ultimate place or even you can say the repository of the best blogs on the web. Use it to get a massive list of authoritative blogs in your niche. While this isn’t a curated list of . In the first place . blogs that accept guest posts, you can still do some groundwork to select a few. #8 Blog Comments If your blog post content attracts more comments, then your content is definitely valuable. In the first place . This is a good signal of engagement and that your blog readers like your content. Enjoy it here. Go ahead and interact with these regular comment contributors. Email them thanking them for their input in the comments . In the first place . section and requesting a guest

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