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The emotion awe (awe) Awe is the feeling of Hong Kong Phone Number admiration and amazement that occurs when one is inspired by knowledge, beauty, respect, or power. This expands one’s frame of reference and Hong Kong Phone Number encourages self-transcendence (transcending one’s individual self). This feeling can be evoked by everything around us, for example through art, landscapes, music, knowledge, and so on. This feeling encourages article sharing and plays a big Hong Kong Phone Number role in why certain content goes viral. The emotion of sadness To find out whether sharing content also applies to other emotions, Holiday’s study looked at the emotion of sadness. A score was assigned to each article based on how much distress it evok.

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If an emotion reinforced sharing, then sadness Hong Kong Phone Number (like awe) should also increase sharing. But it didn’t. In fact, sadness has the opposite effect; sad articles were 16% less likely to be shared. The emotion of sadness therefore made people less inclined to share. Then you may wonder: what’s the Hong Kong Phone Number difference? Why do some emotions encourage sharing and others don’t? The most obvious difference is positivity. One emotion is positive and the other negative. Can positive emotions increase sharing, but decrease negative emotions. From research data and to how many people previously bought this product, how many people already Hong Kong Phone Number  receive your newsletter or how many people are already members of your community.

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The more specific your numbers are, the Hong Kong Phone Number more likely you are to gain the reader’s trust. How does this work? When we see exact numbers, our brain thinks: that must have been well thought out. That has been Hong Kong Phone Number researched in detail. It will be right. Hoppa, the reader’s confidence in the pocket. Compare the following row. Which numbers feel the most reliable? More than 90 people preceded you OR 98 preceded you. This product costs 1,000 euros OR This product Hong Kong Phone Number costs 1,124.35 euros. House prices rose 10 to 15% OR House prices rose by 14.4%. 6. Make numbers work for you. Present it smartly. Honesty is the best policy. That Hong Kong Phone Number is why I always present the correct figures, but in a way that fits my story.

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