Why Most Bloggers Surf From Wave to Wave When They Should Be Climbing Mountains

If you think statistics are boring, the world of blogging is probably not yours. I’ve spent over half an hour like a little kid unpacking presents on Kings analyzing my blog stats after finishing the experiment of being 10 days offline.

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The beginner blogger like the surfer never tires of looking for the perfect wave
The curves of measurement tools like Google Analytics to analyze the traffic of a blog can be as exciting as the waves on the beach in Hawaii for a surfer. The beginning Gabon B2B List blogger is obsessed with generating tsunamis of visits to his blog. He is always on the lookout for the next perfect wave to generate a new stat spike for him. This strategy is totally understandable. In my case, it has taken me almost 8 years to realize the disadvantages that it entails:

The perfect post does not exist : the search for perfection is a waste of time. It is a brake on creativity. Our own demands are often much higher than those of the readers. Content that does not satisfy you 100% may have a very good reception by the people who read it.
Low Posting Frequency – The Pareto Principle states that the last 20% to finish a task takes 80% of the time. In search of perfection we lose the opportunity to publish more frequently because of wanting to polish a post to infinity. Viral marketing does not exist, so there is no relationship between time spent and potential visits to an article.
Demotivation if the waves do not come : you can not follow 90% of the advice in this blog and still succeed with your blog. The most important thing by far is the blogger’s motivation to keep posting. It is easy to be excited for a couple of days or weeks, the difficult thing is to turn it into the necessary discipline to continue moving forward. Going from wave to wave can be frustrating, especially when the peaks of visits do not come back as imagined.

Mount Everest Is Not Climbed in a Day

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Gabon Business Email List

I confess that it generates illusion to generate a peak in the statistics of your blog. In my beginnings it has been my main motivation to publish the next article. It took me a while that the peaks are not the ones that really make your blog grow. You have to stop obsessing over visits and start capturing readers .

The channels that generate the high traffic curves are typically not the ones that show a high affinity for your content. A blog that attracted visitors in this way was a training blog. The type of content that generated peaks were posts with humorous related videos. These articles worked well for a wide audience but the rest of the posts related to training in general failed to engage this type of user.

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