Why Marketing Is 90% Analytical and 10% Creative

In my career as an industrial engineer I had to choose between finance and marketing. The decision was not too difficult and I chose what I thought was going to open more doors for me and not do what everyone else did. Given that I was convinces then that marketing was something that could be solve with common sense and some creativity, I didn’t see much point in “wasting” my time with something that had no substance.

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Since then I have changed a bit my opinion on the Kiribati B2B List subject of marketing. Through having a direct relationship in my work with the theme, I decided to dedicate a large part of the posts to marketing. It is thanks to this activity and the comments of the readers that I do not stop learning. I am convinced that being creative is not the key to marketing. What really matters is knowing how to interpret the results through a measurement that gives me information if my actions are helping me achieve my goals.

The idea is worth nothing without the execution

I have a Swiss friend with whom I love to discuss business models and new ideas for start-ups. Every time we see each other for 8 years, we spend hours and hours discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each business that we invent. I am convinced that we have had very good ideas with a lot of potential but we have never gone beyond talking about it. In my case I am already 100% with Coguan and he works in a Swiss multinational with an attractive salary working 8 hours a day. Both in the world of start-ups and in the world of marketing, the idea is worth nothing. Execution is everything.

Your Idea Is Always Only as Good as Your Ability to Measure the Results

Kiribati Business Email List
Kiribati Business Email List

When I had the opportunity to deepen marketing in my university career, an essential element was missing: analytics. I don’t know if things have changed much since then, but the most important thing in marketing is knowing how to measure results.

Analytics already begins before generating the idea. If you are not clear about who you are targeting and how you can reach your audience. You run the risk of generating a great idea that leaves no mark on your potential customers. A marketing action that does not bring you the desired effects can also generate great value. If you implement a measurement that generates the appropriate data. You obtain the information to make a new attempt and considerably improve the results.

If you are not able to measure what you do. A campaign that becomes viral may not bring you the desired economic effect. It can even generate results for you but you will never know which ones.

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