Why It Makes Sense to Launch Your Online Project in 2 or More Phases

The Webery Day that I just launched together with Amel Fernández is not the only success story that shows that separating the launch of an online project into different phases makes sense from a marketing point of view. The first 70 tickets were sold in the first 5 minutes . Since the price goes up with each ticket that is sold, the current price is 89 euros.

1 You extend the time of promotion and create expectations
2 The pre-launch gives you valuable information
3 You get sales from the first day of the official launch
You extend the time of promotion and create expectations
Curiosity is a powerful marketing tool. It is accompanied by the creation of positive expectations about what you are going to present. Typically the last 20% of an online project are the most time consuming. Instead of letting time pass until you have finished everything, you can start with your marketing actions to generate interest in you and your new product.

The Pre-launch Gives You Valuable Information

Recently I also commented on Sri Lanka B2B List the possibility of launching and promoting an e-book without having written it . It is another way of dividing a project into two parts with the advantage that there is significant time savings in the event that there is no demand for the offer. When you start the first phase of marketing and you do not have any positive feedback, you can reach 2 possible conclusions. Either your campaign is not very creative or your potential offer is not interesting. In both cases, you have the possibility of making changes that now cost you less than if you had to make them once the offer had already been create.

You Get Sales From the First Day of the Official Launch

Sri Lanka Business Email List
Sri Lanka Business Email List

One of the things that Javier Echaleku always comments on in our common courses is that you have to capture contacts from day 1. You don’t have to wait until you have the online store finished. Assemble as soon as possible a registration form announcing what you are going to offer in the near future. Once the store is online you can notify by e-mail and with a bit of luck you generate the first sales.

Time is precious so make the most of it. Do not wait until you have everything polished but start as soon as possible with your marketing actions.

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