Why It Is Worth Investing in Blog Advertising as an Advertiser

Despite all those who already consider them dead, blogs continue to survive. The reluctance to be found out makes users continue to rely more and more on the content found in their favorite blogs.

Results of a Technorati Study on Investment in Blogs

Last week Technorati, which is one of the Liberia B2B List main companies that monitors the influence of blogs worldwide, has published its report Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report last week revealing a couple of interesting data. Although the study is focused on the US. it can be inferres that the results at a European level or in Spanish-speaking markets may be similar:

Small investment : only 10% of the total investment is investes in social media and platforms.
Facebook dominates : from the cake Facebook eats 56% of the budget leaving other important players like Twitter 13%.
Undervalued blogs : Of the total social budget, only 6% is taken by blog ads.
The last figure is interesting, especially if it is put into context with the impact that each channel has on the user’s purchase decision. More than 31% say that blogs have an influence on them when it comes to recommending products and services. The blogs lead this ranking of social channels followed a short distance from Facebook.

There is, both on the other side of the pond and here, an important difference between the potential impact of advertising on a blog and the investment that is actually made in this channel. Clearly, there is a difference between an unpaid article recommendation and banner advertising. Bloggers in general take great care of their site and are careful what they show and what they don’t. In my case, I  not advertise an advertiser that I would not recommen without being paid for it.

Case Study: K School Online Marketing Business School

Kschool is an advertiser of this blog. It is the second campaign they have with me. From my point of view, it is a good example to show how to get the most out of the world of blogs. The business school was born with a new brand relatively recently from an activity of an advertising agency in Madrid. From the beginning there was an important approach to promote themselves in blogs and the bet is working for them. To attract customers, they carried out the following activities:

1. Position yourself in a field of quality content : Before I was contacte , I saw the K school banner on all the online marketing blogs that I like and read frequently. It was a way of unconsciously building trust in me since they were always close to the quality content that I learned from every day.

2. They Stand Out as Advertisers on the Blog :

Liberia Business Email List
Liberia Business Email List

The advertising spaces they choose are quality blogs with relatively few visits . The bloggers behind it are not looking for an economic return with their activity, so they do not usually have advertising. In the vast majority of cases . The Kschool banner is the only one on the site, so it stands out and receives special attention.

3. Precisely reach the target audience : It is clear that people who read online marketing blogs want to learn about the subject and train. Not everyone will be willing to make an investment that requires a Master’s degree, but a small percentage will. For this type of products it is enough to get profitability from advertising on blogs. They have recently expanded the offer by offering training in a streaming format to increase the number of students who do not have the possibility of easily traveling to face-to-face classes in Madrid.

4. Beyond advertising – As a business you have to build relationships with a blogger. He will be willing to help you in a way that you are not paying him with money. In my case it has been an honor that they wanted to advertise here since I knew they were looking to be among the leading marketing blogs. Apart from receiving an economic benefit, it serves as a seal of quality since . I am in a select club with other bloggers with whom I have learned a lot and that I appreciate.

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