Why It Is Important to Repeat Yourself in Marketing

Plans never come out . It’s not the first time I’ve said it and it won’t be the last. Repetition is an essential element in marketing to get your message across to people. It is not only about obtaining a higher frequency but also about gaining coverage. Croatia WhatsApp Number List . Marketing message frequency Fotolia photo rights In general, people are afraid to sell ourselves . Speaking well of ourselves or the things we have costs us. Perhaps it is our upbringing that has taught us to be modest. What your parents have taught you helps you in many aspects but when it comes to selling your products and services it creates barriers. Croatia WhatsApp Number List . Why messages do not reach people the first time Apart from the obstacles created by ourselves, there are also external factors that prevent us from communicating effectively. Problems must first be identified before solutions can be developed. We do not express ourselves well : communicating well is an art. On a few occasions we hit the nail on the head with what we want to say so that they understand us. The first step is to look for the problem in how we do things. People do not listen : one thing is that you have a message and another is that they want to listen to you. Choose the right people and times to send it to you. Getting attention is an art and few achieve it.

Why Messages Do Not Reach People the First Time

Texts are not read, they are scanned : blogs are not the only medium that is read superficially . The attention devoted to content is usually minimal because we compete with millions of alternatives. We hardly ever read a complete text. Each one interprets what suits him best : the communication is not exact. Part of the problem is that we don’t express ourselves well. Everything has room for interpretation. Croatia WhatsApp Number List That is why the lawyers who prepare contracts are so well paid. Not everyone is present when we communicate : sometimes we communicate in a vacuum. The problem is not the type of message we are sending but the lack of our target audience that makes it lose its effectiveness. We speak in different languages : even using the same words. Everything is subject to interpretation by the user depending on their experience, culture and education. Croatia WhatsApp Number List . If the communication is not face to face, the risk of not understanding each other increases. We don’t want to listen : you can tell me what you want but I’m just not going to listen to you. We have to know who wants to listen to us and who is simply going to ignore everything we say. How to elegantly repeat messages so that they reach the user Marketing is changing.

How to Elegantly Repeat Messages So That They Reach the User

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Croatia WhatsApp Number List

A simple repetition of the message worked 20 years ago, but today it would be more like throwing money away due to the great loss of effectiveness in communication. You have to adapt to the way marketing works today. 1. Package the message differently – Every time you send your marketing message, dress it up a little differently than the time before. Croatia WhatsApp Number List . Even if you duplicate communication with several people, you have to make the effort to provide added and different value each time you reach them. Obviously you can not create a different ad for every occasion but vary your way of advertising as best as possible to show different facets. What you have to avoid at all costs is being perceived as tiresome when you do marketing. 2. Say a lot in a few words – The best ads don’t need a lot of words. “Just Do It” is one of the most famous of the Nike company. Croatia WhatsApp Number List . When you have to reach many people in a short time, you need a message that leaves a mark. It is an art to say a lot with few words that only the best copywriters master. That is why in Anglo-Saxon countries some of them earn up to 5,000 dollars every time they write something.

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