Why it benefits you from time to time to recommend the competition

Do you dare to recommend the competition? The truth is that it is a bit of a thing to reject a client on. The one hand but also redirect him to another company in your sector. It is not as daring as you think because in the end you even win. Recommend the competition Fostoria photo rights Contents .When the competition is more expensive In case you have troll type clients . The troll client is almost as nice as the version you can have in the form of visitors who put you on your blog. Especially when you start you think that you cannot afford to reject anyone because you need the income. The bad thing is that these companies sometimes not only make you lose time but also money.

In case you have troll type clients

In this case, you are not really giving the competition a gift, Algeria WhatsApp Number List rather the opposite. The objective is for the troll client to realize that he can continue to insist on surrealistic demands, but for this reason they will no longer be fulfilled. An additional advantage is that you can focus on those who add value to you and in this case it is the competition that runs the risk of wasting their time. 7 types of troll customers that make you desperate and tips to deal with them If you can’t give a good service Honesty is a totally underrated value in the business world. We are afraid to tell the truth or hide some “details” because we think it can harm us in the sense that the client ends up deciding on another provider. Sometimes it is better to let a client go and try elsewhere . If we already know beforehand that we will not be able to provide a good service. In the vast majority of cases, the client will return because .We have been the only one (or one of the few) who have admitted his weaknesses, being 100% transparent.

If you can’t give a good service

Algeria WhatsApp Number List
Algeria WhatsApp Number List

Trust is the key in business and also profitable in the long term. Honesty may not always get you business in the short term. But it will help build a reputation that will help you stand out in your industry. The value of honesty in business When the competition is more expensive . A client will always try to squeeze you to the maximum. There has to come a point where you don’t keep dropping your pants because you just have to make a living. I am a friend of tough negotiations but there must be a limit where you let the other party also live on something. Learning to say “no” is key to strengthening a negotiating position. There is no harm in recommending the competition when you know that they are even more expensive than you.

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