Why Is My Blog Now Getting More Visits Every Week and Yours Isn’t?

I don’t want to hesitate. Well, maybe a little but if I’ve gone too far then tell me. I’m in a very positive phase with my blog. Do not worry or get frustrated about it because it is absolutely normal. Here I will explain a little the reasons why I am doing quite well and you still have to have a little patience with yours.  Change barriers for proximity 1. My blog is a lifestyle This may sound a bit strange but the daily post is already part of my daily life. It’s like cleaning my teeth. Armenia WhatsApp Number List .

I know I’m going to publish so I don’t doubt it even if things get complicated. Blogging has become in the last 4 years a lifestyle that I don’t want to change anymore because I like it. A blog needs time to establish itself and become known and the fact of considering it as an ongoing task and not as a project with a beginning and an end has helped me to move forward. 2. I post every day “Go heavy with your daily post…”. Yes, I am, but it is an essential element to have grown faster in audience than the average blog in Spanish. Google likes fresh content so a frequent update helps the faucet open faster.

My Blog Is a Lifestyle

It is not only the fact that there is a new article every day, but also the “education” of the user that around here they will always have an article that Armenia WhatsApp Number List there was not yesterday to generate recurring visits and get readers. 3. “It’s the practice, stupid” In the world of blogging there is the eternal debate between quantity or quality. Reading the previous paragraph I think it should be quite clear which of the two positions I defend. Publishing more and better is possible. Make the effort (although I’m a bit embarrassed honestly) to go back 4 years in this blog and read some of the first posts. Armenia WhatsApp Number List If this style of German writing already seemed strange to you, the one from then must seem to you from another language. It is true that the way I express myself is not perfect but it has improved considerably in recent years. I have no secret to it. Corrections by readers and simple practice produce improvement. Quantity produces quality over time and there are no more “secrets” for it”. 4. It is a style of its own This is still a point that is not so easy to learn. Practice is undoubtedly an essential point to achieve this. Part of it is also letting go of the false belief that you have to follow certain style rules in writing. When you don’t mind making a fool of yourself .Armenia WhatsApp Number List  it’s possible that you get closer to him. You should never lose the fear of pressing the “publish” button . Taking risks and going out of the normal line continuously is part of the way.

Change Barriers for Proximity

Armenia WhatsApp Number List
Armenia WhatsApp Number List

Although I already announce it as regularly as before, many readers know that all my posts leave at 00.01. Many already relate it to me and there are bloggers who publish at a specific time now do it too. As you can see. Armenia WhatsApp Number List these are not otherworldly things that you have to do to find and develop your own style. 5. Change barriers for proximity Like one of the most important points as a blogger or at least it has been in my case. At first I have put a barrier between myself and the visitors of this blog. I have even done it consciously to protect myself against possible criticism.

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