Why I Decided to Cancel a Meeting With a Billionaire Interested in Collaborating With Me

Because I’m an idiot would be the easiest answer. It all started with a message on my mobile that consisted solely of “Carlos, do you know this billionaire?” I was in the street playing with the little one. Since there was nothing that caught my attention in the link attached to the message either, I forgot about it.

1 How I Got Into The Circle As A Potential Collaborator Of A Billionaire
2 The first impression was positive: celebrities and prestigious brands collaborate with the company
3 My change of opinion after a second in-depth investigation

How I Got Into the Circle as a Potential Collaborator of a Billionaire

Two hours later I receive another: “You have Peru B2B List asked me to select VIP people you trust to introduce you personally and see if they want to participate in your project, I think it is very good.”

Sure, I was caught there. Making me think that I was one of those Very Important Persons motivated me to take a closer look at the link. Thinking about it now, surely you have read one of my posts where I talk about the ego of bloggers as their great weakness and that is where I was caught.

I read an interview in the newspaper that left me impressed. The article hinted that he has a fortune of hundreds of millions of euros. He was about a person who had made his money in the world of electronic commerce. I finally replied to the message and he immediately offered to introduce me to him. I was surprised by the speed and I replied: “Online or how?” “No, it’s here in Madrid, if you like you can find it on Sunday afternoon.” So that’s how we stay…

The First Impression Was Positive:

Peru B2B List
Peru B2B List

Celebrities and prestigious brands collaborate with the company , I’m not one of those who prepare a meeting too well. It is one of the points that I have to improve, so I told myself that the best time to start was immediately. What do you do when you want to find out about someone? You start searching for your business on Google.

Already after the first 5 minutes of research, several ideas emerged on how to collaborate. I realized that it even had something of value that could be of interest to the billionaire looking to set up his US business here in Spain. I already started to get euphoric and restless as always happens to me when I think I have found a good idea and I have the need to share it and see if I get the expected feedback.

What was not entirely clear to me was how the business model of this company worked in detail. I found a lot of videos. Many celebrities and well-known brands collaborate with the company. It also exists since 1992. This was beginning to look better and better.

Finally I also found a video of almost 30 minutes explaining the affiliate system that they have in operation. In general I get things the first time but in this case I didn’t understand anything at all. The only thing I had interpreted was seeing top-down money flows and higher profits if you recruited more affiliates into your team. In addition, you could earn a lot of money by investing a few hours per week.

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