Why Hardly Anyone Contradicts Me on My Blog and Trolls Ignore Me

Do not worry. In this post I am not going to tell you that I am always right with everything I say and that is why no one contradicts me. I remain convinced that in online marketing there are only opinions and experiences, so absolute truths do not exist . It is also not a strategy to attract trolls although you never know.

It is just the penultimate point that makes it difficult to contradict me on my blog. It’s not that I have a problem with you not agreeing with what I say. It is rather the opposite because I think it is healthy that there are different opinions that can be debated.

I Avoid Enemies Without Having to Be Friends With Everyone

On very few occasions do I position myself so Poland B2B List clearly in favor of an option as in the recent post on the eternal debate of blogging platforms . It is good to have a position and defend it but it also creates a major problem for the blogger. There will always be people who will not agree with what you say. It is worse. Those who only see in black and white will not give up to the point where they manage to change your mind.

I am not saying that you do not position yourself but that you are aware of the problems that it can bring you. My philosophy in life is zero enemies. I don’t have the energy or the desire to fight with people with whom I still have a different point of view. In this life you can’t be friends with everyone and it doesn’t make sense either. What you have to avoid are the enemies because in this world you never know where you can cross paths again.

How to Argue Solidly in a Blog

Poland B2B List
Poland B2B List

Although it may seem to you that I do not position myself in my articles, I always defend one position more than another. Sometimes you have to read between the lines but in the vast majority my position comes out very clear. Despite choosing a preference, there are few people who disagree with me. I have not really done it consciously but I have realized that my way of writing the posts makes it difficult.

1. I highlight the main points against my point of view : one of the things I do when I position myself in a post is to highlight those arguments that contradict what I am about to expose. In this way I show that I am aware that there is the possibility of having a different point of view and that I have the information about it.

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