Why Fun Experiences List of the Mobile Phone Numbers Need Smart Content

It’s intelligent content – including artificial intelligence built into the content system – that allows Netflix to guess which programs its customers would enjoy. Here are some recommendations from Netflix based on what it knew about Nick:content discovery example Netflix does its best to read our minds not just while we’re browsing (as noted above) but also in session. For example, as soon as Nick finished watching Narcos. Also, Episode 3, Netflix immediately promoted the next episode, as you see in the lower right corner: content-discovery-example-2

Want to deliver content experiences that make your visitors feel like you’ve read their minds, Netflix-style? If so, your martech stack needs smart content delivery, shown in gold here:

intelligent content delivery

Here’s how Nick explains this List of the Mobile Phone Numbers smart content layer:

It has to work with your marketing . Also, automation platform, with the database, with your CRM. It must use proprietary and third-party data. And then it is returned in the email. If Bob has already committed with three or four content assets, let’s accelerate it through training. You don’t need to email him two and three because he’s already engaged. Let’s move it to email four.

In other words, the smart content layer allows you to “accelerate the buyer’s journey” by allowing prospects to “self-nurture”. As a result, in Nick’s experience, these prospects are ready to buy sooner.

Intelligent Content Delivery consists of two parts:

List of the Mobile Phone Numbers
List of the Mobile Phone Numbers

In-session content options: The system should . Also, display related content that visitors are likely to find appealing. “We worked hard to get Bob to click on something. How do we allow Bob to binge on good content while we have his attention? How List of the Mobile Phone Numbers to let Bob develop himself? How to let it speed up? »
Engagement Analytics: The system should track individuals’ engagement with the content. “We need to be able to answer questions like this: Did Bob consume our content? If so, is he likely to be ready to take the next step? What other content did it interact with after the first click? What do Bob’s choices tell us about his interests? »

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