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quality images, say as a photographer or for certain luxury products, use JPG. In every other case, PNG is the best format. There are free image converters, such as Vector Magic, Imverter, or Mac Image preview (click File > Export) but of course, you can also use paid alternatives like Photoshop. TIP #12: CREATE UNIQUE PICTURES/IMAGES AND GRAPHICS The most efficient way to stick out with an image or photo is to create your own.

A List Is Your Easiest Way To

in for your new webinar or course? Or are you looking to drive them to one of your partners or sponsors? Choose one focus for your emails. Not only does this help Senegal Phone Number  you create copy that converts. It also helps you hone in on when to send your emails. #1: LOOKING FOR A RESPONSE FROM YOUR AUDIENCE? Send emails like these earlier in the day or in the early evening, as Smart Insights found, reply rates are highest at these times:[*] Graph showing responses based on email send times Here’s how

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Insights shows us that informative and educational emails should be sent. During the beginning of the week for optimal results. The idea here is that subscribers are looking for help and are motivated earlier rather than later on in the week. Graph showing email opens by day of week So an email for educational. Content should perform better on Tuesday than one sent Saturday. For example. Yet this same research found that if you want your subscribers to take action, it’s better to send these emails towards the

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