Why Do People Share Content on Social Networks?

At first the answer to the post title may seem too basic to write a post about it. The fact that I’ve been on Twitter for more than 3 years now and having a blog helps you see reasons beyond the obvious. The reality is that the reasons why content is shared are as different as people are.

Reasons for Sharing Content on Social Networks

Understanding the reasons why one post receives Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number more attention than another is one of the key factors that has helped me double the blog’s audience and triple the number of subscribers in less than 10 months.

1. Originality and quality of the content : it is evident that the quality of the content has an impact on the level of diffusion that they obtain. There are certain types such as infographics that are more likely to get viral marketing than others. Today it is not enough to present curious or unique data. The packaging in the form of the design is at least as important to attract the attention of the user.

2. Confidence in the quality of the author : being constant is worth it. Portals like Puro marketing or Marketingdirecto automatically get a broadcast on social networks every time they publish a post. Every time I am surprised that I get 30-40 retweets within minutes of posting a new post. Creating quality content on a recurring basis helps you gain trust from many users who, on a scheduled basis or without having read your article, spread it.

3. To Position Yourself in a Theme :

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Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number

Achieving an online reputation is not achieved only by sharing your own content. Another complementary or alternative strategy is the dissemination of videos, posts, presentations, etc. of third parties. Choosing content within the theme that someone wants to position themselves helps create a community on social networks that shares the same interests.

4. To establish or nurture relationships : retweet a post can be a way to get the attention of a potential customer or person who is interesting to establish some kind of relationship. Social recognition is what most motivates human beings and is therefore a good trick to gain visibility within our target audience. In relationships, whether personal or business, it is good to contribute before receiving something in return. Helping someone spread their content can be part of it.

5. Self-promotion of personal mentions : this reason moves within the same line as the previous reason. Social recognition is something that motivates us. When we receive it we want the rest to know it too.

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