Why Do People Buy E-books on the Internet?

The same is a subjective perception but it seems to me that e-books are experiencing a growing popularity among Spanish-speaking bloggers. This is not a new format at all. Its roots are in the Anglo-Saxon blogosphere where this type of content is the lion king of content.

What Is an E-book?

For those who have just started in Dubai Business Fax List  this world of blogs and online businesses, it is still necessary to take a step back. Before talking about the reasons, we must answer the question of what an e-book consists of . Wikipedia gives you a very detailed definition of what an electronic book would be called in Spanish . Here you have my summary and own version.

Digital Format : One of the popular formats is PDF. How the name says the book is not available in physical version but in digital with the possibility of viewing it through different devices (iPad, Kindle, laptop, PC, etc.). An electronic book also allows easy dissemination, which, being paid, can be a great disadvantage for the author. Low acquisition cost : since there is no printing cost, the production of a new e-book does not consume any type of resources. Consequently the selling price can be much lower while still leaving an attractive profit margin.
Total independence of the author : although even this is changing to put out a book you typically need a publisher. An e-book allows anyone to become an author without having to invest a lot of resources other than their own time.

User Reasons for Purchasing an E-book

Lower cost is not the only reason to buy an e-book . It is probably one of the least relevant of those presented here.

1. Confidence in the author : when someone buys an e-book , there is usually already some prior confidence in the author. Many bloggers use the link already created with the readers to develop offers that are 100% with the needs of their audience. Trust is the foundation of business and for anyone who wants to create a community around their blog .

2. Tutorial content : The vast majority of e-books meet one or more viral content requirements . A high percentage of electronic books are manuals or tutorials. It is suitable for a beginner target audience looking for information that provides a step-by-step solution to a problem. Between 80-90% of the visitors to your blog are newbies within the subject you contribute.

3. Offline use : Although it may not seem like it, the status of “always connected” (still) does not exist. There are always moments of desired or involuntary disconnection. The e-book provides the possibility of consuming online content offline . Many authors already take into account the different formats that different devices and platforms have, offering great flexibility to the consumer.

4. Time Saver – an E-book Accomplishes an Important Task

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A user does not buy it only because it costs less than a book or can be read on his iPad. Sometimes it is even identical content that already exists on blogs. The big difference is that an e-book does the work of structuring, adding and summarizing the content , starting with the simplest and ending with the most complex.

You would not be the first to fail when trying to sell e-books online. Although some success stories are always seen and read, they are usually the exception. Taking into account the reasons why a user is willing to pay for content on the Internet (99.9% is free), you increase your chances of success.

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