Why Creating Controversy by Attracting Thousands of Visits Is Poison for Your Blog

Why Creating Controversy by Attracting Thousands of Visits Is Poison for Your Blog . Even those who laugh at those who buy “Cuore” magazine or watch Tele 5 programs end up gossiping when they feel unobserved. It’s one thing to spend hours on these topics or a couple of minutes. The vast majority feel an inexplicable attraction to it, even if it is only for a few moments.

The Advantages of Generating Controversy on Your Blog

Controversy created through blog posts is a form of gossip. It is equally irresistible to the vast majority of users. The good thing about these types of articles is that they typically collide with extreme opinions that do not allow finding a compromise. In addition, many often have an opinion on the matter that they even want to express.

Comments and debate on the blog : if you launch India B2B List a controversial post touching on a hot topic, you will be surprised by the number of comments it is capable of generating. The vast majority may not like what you are writing, so you can activate a lot of negative energy.
Dissemination in social networks : the word will spread like wildfire. Everyone will want to see that controversial post from the blogger who dares to express the unthinkable. Then you will share it on your social networks increasing the avalanche effect.
Potentially many visits : in a very short time thousands of visits can be generated that come to your blog. In the first 48 hours from the launch of the post, an unprecedented spike in your blog statistics can be generated.

The Controversy Has the Same Power and Danger

If you have seen the movie “Lord of the Rings” you know Frodo who risks his life to destroy the ring and kill Sauron. Everyone around her cannot resist the power she bestows on her wearer. Despite suffering from the ring’s influence, Frodo is able to resist its power that would lead to Sauron’s victory and the enslavement of the rest of the world.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit with this comparison but I want you to understand my point: controversy destroys more than it contributes. Although the temptation is high, never and under no circumstances use this type of article.

1. Damaged reputation for a long time : many love the controversy but not the one who generates it. Your image will be damaged for a long time. Attacking and being negative are not ways you want to be perceived. No one wants to be associated with someone like that.

2. Possible negative SEO attacks : if you have generated enough noise, it will be very possible that there will be people who have touched their genitals enough to express it in the most formal way possible. There may be some that link to you with the words “Jaimito scammer”, which for Google is a negative signal and can cause a penalty at the SEO level.

3. You Will Attract Trolls and Worse :

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In this case it is difficult to differentiate between who is the troll and who is not. If you have created controversy at the expense of third parties, it is very likely that this title defines you better than those who come to your blog to put you in the comments.

4. Lawsuits by those affected : a controversy does not always have to target specific people, but above all those who generate the most noise usually have these characteristics. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or not. The accused person will most likely try to make your entry disappear at the very least. You can get into a lot of trouble.

Your reason doesn’t matter. Controversy is a coin with 2 sides. This is not a game and users are serious about giving credibility to what they read on blogs. A joke or an “experiment” can end very badly for you and possible third parties that are involve.

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