Why Can’t I Open a Google+ Account?

Google+ is one of those platforms where I keep hoping they’ll close before I have to create an account. The beauty of online marketing is that there are no truths, only opinions and experiences. About Google+ I have mine. Since it came out my point of view on this as it likes to define itself “layer and not social network” has not changed much.

At first it was easy to criticize her so I preferred not to crush someone who was already on the floor. I write this post now when Google+ has come a long way. The general opinion of many users has been changing. Even many bloggers tell me that it is becoming a relevant source of visits for their website. I confess that I am a bit stubborn on the subject but I have my reasons for refusing to open a profile.

The Advantages of Having a Google Account

I am not someone who denies the advantages Palestine B2B List of having a Google+ account. I will be stubborn but not an idiot, so I don’t want to hide from anyone the benefits of being a user of this “social layer”.

Increased visibility in search engines : You have probably already seen the authors’ photos next to the search results. If you typically receive 1.x% of clicks if you are between the 7th and 10th position you can increase your visibility on Google thanks to having your account connected to your blog.
It favors web positioning : Google rarely says anything. Recently its CEO Eric Schmidt shared that a person who authenticates their content through Google+ would benefit from better positions compared to those who did not. This comment has undoubtedly helped to convince many who were still hesitating to open an account or not.
Hangouts are cool : don’t let this leave the room. Yeah, I’m cool with Hangouts. I even had an account for 30 minutes to participate in one of them. I delete it 5 minutes after finishing it. There is no denying that Hangouts can bring you significant benefits if you have a business .

Why Google  Is Not for Me

Google has understood that social networks are already part of our lives and they are here to stay. He obviously wants to participate in what is yet to come. They have not convinced me with what they propose.

1. I don’t like to be forced: Eric Schmidt’s comment can almost be seen as blackmail. There are a lot of economic interests at stake here. I don’t care what you say, no one forces me to do what you want.

2. I’m married to Twitter : I don’t want to be everywhere. I am satisfied with being on Twitter and with this I almost have enough. I am married to a woman and in social networks my partner is Twitter. Multiplying the activity on another network, sorry social layer, already makes me anxious just thinking about it. Don’t confuse options with obligations in online marketing .

3. Google already has enough power : They already dominate almost the entire Internet. Do we really want to give them power in social networks too? They can’t count on my help. On a personal level, they already have me with Google Analytics, which is no small thing. More data will not get.

4. I lose visitors but save time :

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Palestine Business Email List

I have developed the ability to write and publish a daily post in about an hour. You always have to sacrifice something. In this case, it doesn’t take much effort. I lose some visits but I gain time in exchange for more value.

5. The best SEO is to create content : there are more than 200 relevant factors for SEO according to Google itself . What they don’t tell you is the weight they give it. Having a Google+ account is just one of them. Creating content is what will really survive any search algorithm change. I sign it right now.

In life you have to make decisions, mine is made. Since the beginning of 2012 my search engine traffic has increased over 2,000%. In 2013 it has already grown by 30%. Content that is perceived as relevant by users will always have visibility. If Google does not consider them properly because they do not have a Google+ profile, users will find other ways to reach them. This may not be of interest to the seeker.

Like anyone else I can be wrong. In an attempt not to seem like an idiot at first glance, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. At this moment Google+ for me the only thing that is, is this: a waste of time.

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