Why Being a Trending Topic Can Harm You

The last hours have been full of emotions. We have held the “Course for bloggers” free of charge in Madrid this morning in a medicine classroom at the Complutense University. More than an event where one presentation followed the other, it was like a party. At least as an organizer I have experienced it that way. All the speakers left very euphoric after spending days without being able to sleep well for fear of having to speak in front of so many people.

I was afraid that of the 2,000 people signed up, of which almost 900 had signed up for the face-to-face event, in the end only very few were going to participate since it was a free event. I estimate that in the classroom we had about 400-500 people and then about 1,500 people who had followed the streaming in whole or in part. All of them contributed that we became a Trending Topic throughout the morning.

The Path to the Trending Topic

From the feedback obtained on Twitter, it seems to me North Korea B2B List that both the face-to-face and streaming attendees have enjoyed the event as much or more than those of us who have given it. Another indicator for this may be that we have been shortly after starting Trending Topic on Twitter in Spain with #cursobloggers.

I have not been able to follow the path to become a Trending Topic since I started with the first presentation. Starting at 9 in the morning I started to see more and more people using it.

I start my talk and announce around 9:50 a.m. that our official hashtag is #cursobloggers.
At 10:44 a.m. I am informed that #cursobloggers is a Trending Topic without knowing exactly what time it started to be.
Around 11:30 a.m. Risto Mejide mentions #cursobloggers in a tweet , although at this time we were already a Trending Topic.
I see the stream of #cursobloggers that is filling up with more and more Spam around 12 hours.
According to this graph we have had 1,024 tweets per hour or 1 every 3.5 seconds.

The Disadvantages of Being a Trending Topic

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I am not at all familiar with the concept of creating a Trending Topic. I’ve never thought about it and this time I didn’t think about it either. When I received the news it was a great surprise and joy. When I analyzed the tweets my initial euphoria quickly wore off because I was seeing a lot of spam from fake accounts of half-naked girls or worse. What also felt regular to me was also seeing that there were people who took advantage of the moment to promote their courses for paid bloggers. A little ugly…

I’ve honestly been amazed at how easily you can spam Twitter using a popular hashtag. I estimate that during the event 30% of the tweets were pure garbage. After the presentations, when everything calmed down, #cursobloggers was still a Trending Topic for a while and now the percentage of spam has risen to 90%. Taking into account that the vast majority of people are beginners on Twitter, this content can create a certain diffusion. In the event that they relate it to you and they do not understand that it is spam, it can even produce a negative image, interpreting that you are the source.

Although there is this risk of a negative image related to a Trending Topic, I am going to sleep very peacefully due to exhaustion. It doesn’t take away at all the joy that sharing these hours with so many people who are interested in what we bloggers has given me has brought me.

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