Who would you Austria Phone Number add to your content marketing team?

The titles of content marketing team members may. Also, differ from company to company, but the tasks they are expected to perform are somewhat. Also, standard Austria Phone Number across the board – writing, editing, designing, publishing, and distributing. .

But what if you could add the skill set of someone. Also, who works in another functional area – from another department or even outside of your industry? What role or person would you like to integrate into your team?

We asked the presenters of Content Marketing. World 2017 what they would do. Their answers are illuminating – and in most cases, realistic.

Make the pictures move

I would love to have a documentary videographer to document and share what is really happening in the practice of law and how we try Austria Phone Number to keep up with changes in the industry.
Ruth Carter, Lawyer and Owner, Carter Law Firm

A film producer. I would love to incorporate high quality video into our content mix to share through our many channels. If I could have anything, this would be it.
Jeff Renoe, content strategist, Dickson.

I would like to find a software engineer/website. Also, developer in our marketing team. As the fields of technology and marketing increasingly join forces, interactive experiences are becoming increasingly crucial for brands. More interactive content, apps, and tools for your customers and potential buyers can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Bring technology

Austria Phone Number List

We are working on transversal projects to achieve this, but I would absolutely like to have a permanent engineer just for marketing!
Allen Gannett, CEO and Founder, TrackMaven

A developer. There are a million things I want to do on my website and I don’t have anyone to do them.
Chad Pollitt, Partner and Vice President of Audience, Native Advertising Institute.

I would love to have a data scientist. Why? Because they can give all the quantifiable answers I’m looking for – not only which content performs best (I can research it myself) but what am I missing? What data am I not communicating to myself?
Shira Abel, CEO, Hunter & Bard.

Explore the science of success

I would add a fantastic. Also, analyst to my team. A good analyst can be an incredible asset in helping you determine what content is most appropriate for different audiences and different stages of their customer journey. Every content. Also, marketing team needs a specific girl or guy to ask “why,” not just “how,” people behave.




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