How to Undertake When Your Family Depends on Your Payroll in Your Job as an Employee

Many of those who read this blog have the illusion of starting their own project but find themselves in circumstances that make it difficult to realize their dreams. Especially if you have a family with small children, you cannot make your decisions selfishly.

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Undertaking with family complicates taking the leap into the void Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List I just received an email from David making me a suggestion for a post. He is in this situation. He has 2 children who require care and his family is financially dependent on his current payroll. “What you have to do is launch yourself”, is what you can read in many blogs about entrepreneurship. Of course, if you are 25 years old and do not have responsibilities of this type, it is relatively “easy” to take the leap into the void.

My personal situation is almost identical to David’s. I have a family (1 son of 4 months and a daughter of almost 2 and a half years). My beginnings have been different given that I have taken the leap by obtaining external financing, which has provided me with the economic means to undertake. If you are in a situation similar to David’s, I would recommend following the steps below.

How to Realize Your Dream Without Risking Losing Everything

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Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

You have to start with your head . There is no point in pursuing your dreams if the price is too high. It does not mean that you have to say “goodbye” but it is still worth waiting a bit and turning it into a “see you later”.

1. Talk to your partner – This is not your decision. If your partner does not share and support your dreams, you will have already failed before you start. You risk your relationship if you take the step without having it. Think carefully if you want to pay this price.

2. Plan the week : You are not going to leave your job at the beginning. You have to set up your project in parallel in your spare time. Nobody has said that it will be easy so assume that you are going to take away time that you normally dedicate to the family. If you are disciplined and organize yourself well, you can combine it, even if it is not easy.

3. Find yourself a co-founder – Everything alone costs a lot. In order not to die trying, it is good to have support beyond your friends and family. Make sure your co-founder has the first 2 points figured out too.

4. Start saving : there will come a time when you will have to cover 3-6 months because you take the step and you still do not have the same income as in your paid job. You need some margin. The more you save, the more time you will have.

5. Make a plan : it is not advisable to take the leap if your project still does not generate income. The ideal is to leave your job when your project can already generate at least 50% of what your payroll brings you today. Set an income level to spend 100% on your project. You must do the same to decide when you are going to step back again.

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