Create an Offer or Satisfy a Demand When You Launch a Start-up?

I have a friend in Switzerland who works for a large telecommunications company. After experiencing a difficult time in his life carrying out SAP projects that did not fulfill him, he has now found a new position within the same company that allows him to perform intrapreneurial tasks. Create market from scratch Fostoria photo rights His salary depends on the turnover generated by the new projects he launches. We can spend hours and hours talking about business models. An essential difference between my ideas and his is that he seeks to satisfy a demand and I prefer to create an offer. Forget getting investment if you don’t have an existing market as a start-up To set up a company you could base yourself on an existing demand.

Forget Getting Investment if You Don’t Have an Existing Market as a Start-up

This means that there is already a market that you can launch into. It is the common path especially if you think about obtaining external financing. Without an existing market, forget about receiving a single cent for your idea. Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List With Quondam we have followed the path of differentiation in a highly competitive market such as training. It is logical that you have to stand out from the rest by doing something that they are not yet doing or simply doing better. One possible way to do this is exclusivity. It usually has the disadvantage that you have to limit the offer to create this perception by the customer. There are also options to do it without having a sales cap .

Incremental Innovations Can Help Create a Market From Scratch

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Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List

Incremental innovations can help create a market from scratch When you start from scratch without necessarily having an existing market. It is more important to know the “why” than the “what” when setting up a business. Emotions move the world and also make a difference when making a purchase decision. Features are important, but you have to touch people’s hearts to get customers. I don’t see it as realistic for a start-up (biotech aside) to be capable of carrying out radical innovations. Sometimes small changes can make a difference. With incremental innovations you have a secret marketing weapon for start-ups. It is the strategy that I am also carrying out in my project with which I compete against Alex Navarro in Quondam. With my goal is to create a demand for the offer that I am creating. Instead Alex satisfies an existing demand. Creating a market from scratch is much riskier than finding your niche when you already have people looking for what you offer. The potential growth in the first case is much higher since you will have practically no competition. Time will show if my bet has been successful.

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