How to Make a Decision When You Have Many Options

In the professional world it is not difficult for me to make a decision, even if it is difficult. In private, a letter from a restaurant that exceeds the options on a menu can already overwhelm me. In this case, I prefer to support my vote in the decisions of third parties, letting myself be guided by social proof before making my own choice.

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Now I am in the process of having to find myself a new house. Denmark WhatsApp Number List  We are moving in a matter of 2 weeks and we still haven’t found our “ideal” home. In a short time, you have to see many options evaluated, so you have to find a way to choose the best one for the family, reducing the risk of making the wrong decision.

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1 1. Quick dismiss
2 2. Decision matrix
3 3. Visualize
1. Discard fast
Before choosing, you have to discard. Anything you don’t want, cross it out of your head. It seems simple and obvious but the human being always thinks that something is lost. You don’t like to watch a football match live: “But if I don’t go, will I miss something…?” To make a decision, you have to reduce the number of options, running the risk that in this phase you are discarding something that would have been worth it.

2. Decision matrix

Once you have made several discards you may still have several options that are more or less at the same level of preference. In this case you can work with a decision matrix. In the case of a move, the criteria could be “has a swimming pool”, “distance to a nursery”, “rent price”, etc. Each criterion receives a weight. This means that for example you value more than 2 times more relevant that you can walk to the nursery than that there is a swimming pool. I am not going to propose it to my wife because she is going to tell me that in the end I am going to manipulate the results so that my preferences as winners come out.

3. Visualize

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Denmark WhatsApp Number List

Not all but many decisions involve an emotional element. In the case of housing it is easy. Once you have a top 3 you have to imagine living in it. Visualizing is an essential process to make a correct decision. It can help you bring to light factors that you value that are hidden in your unconscious. It is what the Anglo-Saxons and entrepreneurs also call gut feeling and the Hindus position one of the six chakras in that part of the body .

It is not easy to make a good decision. In my own experience the first option does not always have to be the best . You have to spend time and focus. Some play sports and others meditate. The answer sometimes comes from sides since you don’t expect it.

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